Eat & Drink Offer

Life is short, eat dessert first

Dessert in the SKY – It’s the perfect time to chill and enjoy dessert delicious at The SKY Rooftop, start from IDR 35.000 net. Available everyday from 2.00 pm to 11.00 pm. Choice of desserts : Sacher Cake, Cheese Cake, Rainbow Cake Red Velvet, Opera Cake, or Eclair

Japanese Soufle Cake

Japanese Soufle Cake has everything that makes tastebuds happy! A delicious cake and a bouncy, jiggly cotton soft cake-like texture. Try this special dessert of the month at The SKY Rooftop only IDR 35.000 net

What’s On at The SKY Rooftop

Sit down, relax and enjoy your food and beverage! Find something special for you from our kitchen and bar this month!

Start your meal with an assortment of delicious appetizer options and get this comfort goodness start from IDR 25.000 net

It’s a good idea to have chit chat afternoon or night with friends with this special menu

Officially out now! The only Italian food you want right now. You might not believe that with 150,000 net you will get 4 courses and can be for 3 – 4 people. Let’s bring more friends, guys!

Italian Platter

  • Tomato Bruschetta
  • Ratatouille
  • Potato Gnocchi Mushroom Sauce
  • Margarita Egg Pizza

Let’s having a good time by sharing happiness. We have special menu with special price. Avaibale everyday from 2.00 pm to 11.00 pm at The SKY Rooftop

Race Ricer only IDR 35.000 net

  • Como Rice
  • Black Chicken Rice
  • Popleta Rice
  • Creamy Chicken Rice

All You Can Eat

Asian Barbeque

Feel an extraordinary sensation as you enjoy your barbeque dish at The SKY Rooftop with your loved ones

Every Saturday, starting from 6.00 onwards at 11st floor of Rayz UMM Hotel Malang. Enjoy dining with 180 degree city and mountain view

  • All you can eat barbeque buffet
  • RSVP. +62 889 8947 4417

What’s On at The Legacy Restaurant

Explore vicariously across the archipelago with The Legacy’s authentic Indonesian cuisines.

Mie Aceh

Aceh known with their delicious special dish that makes the food experts want it so bad and try all their culinary. There’s one dish that already become the favorite of all people in Indonesia and that is Mie Aceh.

With a unique cooking recipe, Mie Aceh is very popular with Indonesians. Try Mie Aceh at Legacy Restuarant and get an endless dining experience

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